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Animesh Singh

Hi All

Please note the timing of the MLOps Sig meetings have changed to 9 AM (instead of 9:30 AM), and Zoom link is updated as well. If you would like us to send a broadcast invite through our calendar, please let us know.

For tomorrow, Ofer Hermoni is going to present LFAI updates, and time permitting, we would like to bring some design discussions on Kubeflow and Tekton as well. If someone has any other topic to bring up, please respond to this.

The MLOps SIG meets every other week at 9 AM Pacific, on Thursdays --

Calendar invite:

Animesh Singh


So we are going to stop relying on LF calendar as it has been buggy and use personal meeting invite for future meetings, and will go back to the original time of 9:30 AM PST on every other Thursday, starting today.

Animesh Singh

Dan Lopez <dlopez@...>

Hi Animesh,
I dont see any anomalies other than a dual booking. If 930a PT is the time, we can update the main calendar. There is an entry in a public google calendar so to let the community at-large know when the meeting is.  Please let me know what is buggy on the calendar so we can fix it. 



Animesh Singh

Hi Dan

The calendar was empty this morning - not showing any meetings. I had to put one there. Also the main wiki still points to the old Zoom link ICS - so I am not sure at this what ICS folks have used to import meetings?


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