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Alejandro Saucedo

Good morning Animesh,

Thank you for the agenda - really looking forward to it.

We have put together a hands-on end-to-end MLOps tutorial using Jenkins X and Seldon that we would be very keen to share + get everyone's thoughts.

This basically consists of a JX quickstart that allows you to leverage Seldon's pre-packaged model servers to deploy your model as a "Jenkins X application" which can be tested e2e via Tekton and promoted via gitops across multiple (staging / production) environments.

Best wishes,

Alejandro Saucedo

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On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 1:20 AM Animesh Singh <singhan@...> wrote:

Hi Team

Tomorrow we will be meeting at 9 PST. Proposing the following agenda - please give feedback.

1. Animesh to give feedback from his talk at TFWorld on Kubeflow and Tensorflow Extended Pipelines

2. Andrea to talk about
a) Tekton/Argo step by step comparison
b) Demo the flip-coin equivalent pipeline in Tekton

3. Pavel to talk about current KFP/TFX merge discussion

Anyone else have something they would like to bring forward? i would like to hear about if folks have data about scalability of these pipeline solutions.


Animesh Singh
STSM and Chief Architect - Data and AI Open Source Platform

IBM Kubeflow Engagement Lead
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Member of IBM Academy of Technology (IBM AoT)


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