The MLOps SIG creates designs, specifications, shared code and processes to enable MLOps and Data and ML Pipeline capabilities on top of CD Projects, e.g. Tekton.


  • Define requirements for MLOps for Tekton
  • Investigate potential existing dominant technologies in ML Pipeliens space, and their integration with Tekton e.g. Kubeflow Pipelines
  • Plan for quarterly face-to-face meetings

The SIG will deliver designs, specifications, shared code and processes that meet the following goals:

  • Enable actions performed while writing code, compiling, testing, and distributing software to be manifested and verifiable.
  • Enable integration between MLOps Pipelines and Tekton e.g. Kubeflow Pipelines working with Tekton as a backend
  • Enable support structure for this code to be maintained, tested on a rigorous level
  • Define architecture and guidelines around Lineage tracking, Metadata collection, Experiment tracking, Date versioning, ETL operations etc. which a typical Data and ML Pipeline shall support


  • Animesh Singh (IBM) - Chair
  • Pavel Dournov (Google) - Co-chair
  • Michael Neale (CloudBees) - Co-chair
  • Hamel Husain (Github) - Co-chair
  • Jeremey Lewi (Google) - Kubeflow Lead
  • Andrea Fritolli (IBM) - Tekton Committer
  • Peng Li (IBM) - Tekton Committer
  • Pete MacKinnon (Red Hat) - Kubeflow contributor
  • Václav Pavlín (Red Hat) - Open Data Hub Lead
  • Terry Cox (Bootstrap) - MLOps Roadmap Lead


MLOps SIG communication happens via a public mailing list:
You can join in the discussion on Slack with us to collaborate.


The MLOps SIG meets every other week at 9:30 AM Pacific, on Thursdays

Meeting agendas, minutes, and documentation are here:

Download this invitation to add the meeting to your calendar:

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