State of DevOps Panel - Aug. 25 @ 11 AM ET

Jacque Salinas

In ten years, nearly 40,000 technical professionals from around the world have contributed to
the State of DevOps body of research, the longest-running and most widely referenced DevOps
research in the industry. To celebrate a decade, Puppet invited an illustrious group of DevOps
experts to respond to the data and provide recommendations for companies seeking to evolve their DevOps practices.


Attend the State of DevOps Panel on August 25, 2021 @ 11 AM ET with Outreach Committee Chair of the CDF,
Tiffany Jachja and Field CTO of Puppet, Nigel Kersten. In this panel they will discuss the findings of the
2021 State of DevOps survey and dive into the best practices & recommendations from the report. 

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