Non-profit Sponsorship Application to HackMD

Fatih Degirmenci

Hi all,

You may be aware that various groups within CDF use HackMD for collaborative editing purposes.
However, HackMD introduced limits for free plans which impacts the community's use of HackMD.

In order to prevent impacts on the community's use of HackMD, a non-profit sponsorship application has been filed to HackMD.

We received a positive response from HackMD for our application however, CDF has few obligations to meet in order for our application to be finalized; placement of CDF logo on HackMD website, providing a quote, and responding to interview questions.

A document which contains the proposed quote and answers to the interview questions has been created for community review.
Please take a look at it and provide comments/suggestions directly on the document.

This topic is added to today's TOC Meeting Agenda which will take place at 16:00 UTC.