Jenkins Operator proposal

Bartłomiej Antoniak


Firs, let me introduce myself. I'm Bartek Antoniak, Engineering Manager at VirtusLab where I'm responsible for various initiatives such as cloud transformation, internal products, open source and technology partnerships.
I've been advised to start a discussion with CD.Foundation TOC regarding our proposal of hosting Jenkins Operator under CDF projects umbrella. 

Recently, the project became official sub-project of Jenkins itself which was the major milestone to grow open source community around that.
The project is entirely maintained by VirtusLab employees from the day one, but our aspiration is to bring more vendors and contributors on board, ensure we are inline with CDF vision.
We did the first step with our involvement in community events, GSOC 2021, blog posts etc, but we need some help with promoting the project.

As VirtusLab, we are more than happy to become general member and contribute our expertise in CI/CD space by actively taking part in community events, technical content or trainings or any other initiatives.
That's why from the Jenkins Operator project point of view, we'd like to find a place in CDF projects portfolio regardless of Jenkins itself.

I'm happy to elaborate more if needed. 

Bartek Antoniak
Engineering Manager @VirtusLab
phone +48 531 590 015

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