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Jacque Salinas

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NADOG & CDF - cdCON Mindshare Happy Hour

Wed Oct 7, 2020 4pm – 5pm Mountain Time - Denver
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Topic: NADOG @ cdCon - Mindshare Happy Hour - "Where's the Application?"
Description: Grab your favorite drink, kick up your feet, and join us from your desk

NADOG @ cdCon - Mindshare Happy Hour
Featuring: Tracy Ragan, CDF Board Member and CEO of DeployHub
Talk: "Where's the Application? Understanding the Challenge of Your Microservice CD Pipeline"

Abstract: As we take a hammer and smash up our monolithic applications into lots of little pieces, we also break the way we track and manage a software application. The software application no longer exists, yet we still need it. The loss of the application is partly responsible for the complexity in managing microservices. This session investigates the core benefits of continuous integration in a monolithic pipeline in terms of the packaging and configuration management of the software application. We will cover why the CI step is critical to the entire Continuous Delivery process, and what we lose as we move to microservices. We will explore the tracking of application versions overtime to remind us of the importance of BOM reports, 'diff' reports, and impact analysis. By looking at what we do well today, we will understand what we need to solve in a microservice based CD Pipeline.

Oct 7, 2020 04:00 PM PST 

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