Four Keys Project Presentation and Discussion

Fatih Degirmenci

Hi all,

I would like to invite you to the SIG Interoperability Meeting on March 18th at 16:00UTC. [0][1]

Dina Portman will join us during our meeting to present Four Keys Project and we will then spend most of the rest of the meeting for an open conversation on the topics such as

- key metrics that indicate the performance of development teams
- what Four Keys Project does to help collecting and displaying metrics
- the challenges when it comes to collecting metrics
- how we can collaborate on this topic

As you can guess, what Four Keys Project enables is pretty relevant to End User Council Q1 focus "Measuring DevOps Success" so this would be a good opportunity to have a conversation from this perspective as well. [2]

The meeting logistics including Zoom link is available on the document on HackMD and at the end of this mail. [3][4]

Please join us!