[cdf-gb] CDF TOC Chair Voting is Underway

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Subject: [cdf-gb] CDF TOC Chair Voting is Underway

Hello CDF TOC,

Thank you to all who participated in the CDF TOC Chair nomination period. We have 2 very qualified candidates for the TOC members to select from this year, you can read their Statements of Intent below. Ballots have been sent to the TOC voting members: Jithin Emmanuel, Tracy Ragan, Melissa McKay, Andrea Frittoli, Robert Reeves, Emil Bäckmark, Justin Abrahms, and Steve Taylor. Voting is open through January 10th, 2023 and the new Char will be seated on January 17th at the first TOC meeting of the year.

Happy Holidays to you and your families!



Melissa McKay Nomination Statement

Melissa McKay
Developer Advocate, JFrog


My commitment serving as the TOC Chair will be to focus my energies on supporting the CDF mission and building robust collaboration with the projects and communities within the CD ecosystem that will be sustainable beyond the end of the term. I will work diligently with the CDF Governing Board and our TOC members to troubleshoot existing issues and establish solutions to help projects better organize and better communicate needs to the broader community. In observing existing projects (both CDF projects and others), I see a lot of opportunity for cross collaboration and helping newer projects and their communities benefit from the learnings of more established projects.

As we start a fresh new year, I want to make sure we devote time to ensuring the sustainability of our efforts. As chair I will work to establish new ways of getting feedback from our maintainers, providing open office hours for 1:1 conversations, and actively pursuing new and interesting projects that further the CDF mission. With your support, I will put considerable effort into bringing new viewpoints and participation into the CDF in order to establish a rich pool of community members from which we will pull our future leaders. Your time commitment as TOC members is valuable and I will work to ensure that it is not wasted, that you have clear goals, and that your contributions in your positions are acknowledged and are used to improve the foundation of the TOC for future members.

During the last couple of years of my participation with the CD Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with a group of incredibly intelligent, inspiring and motivating people. I’ve found here in the CD Foundation, areas of need where my experience as a developer, a lead engineer, a team liaison, and communicator will benefit our community and be an asset to the CDF. It is with this in mind that I know I will excel as the next TOC Chair.


For over 20 years I’ve worked as a software engineer on internal corporate teams. This is where I delved deep into learning and improving CI/CD tools, processes, and strategies to help our team succeed with our development and delivery goals. I am a Java Champion and Docker Captain, have spoken at international events including Kubecon and DockerCon, and co-authored the O'Reilly title, DevOps Tools for Java Developers book. I am a Developer Advocate with JFrog and work with the community sharing the skills I’ve learned throughout my career and to continue the lifetime learning necessary for our communities and technologists to adapt to the fast pace of change in this space.

My experience as a developer and a team lead give me a perspective where I can offer both empathy and strategic support to the existing and potential software projects that operate under the CDF. Through participation in developer communities and public speaking at events all over the world, my access to a broader audience of technologists from both the open source and corporate worlds puts me in a good position to pursue opportunities where I can be of service.

Andrea Frittoli Nomination Statement

Andrea Frittoli
Open Source Advocate, IBM


My tenets as chair will be transparency, collaboration and efficiency, in the style of serving leadership.

Transparency: The TOC shall support projects and special interest groups (SIGs) with their open governance, public roadmap and periodic assessment. It shall foster regular communication through the respective TOC sponsors as well as through regular updates to be presented to the TOC.
Collaboration: The TOC shall create spaces for regular show-and-tells from the projects and SIGs to share experiences, achievements and learnings. The TOC shall foster interoperability efforts.
Efficiency: The TOC shall help the project make the most of the CDF services available to projects, promote transparency in infrastructure costs, share savings learned lessons across projects, and create awareness about available marketing resources.

The TOC exists to serve projects and SIGs, and help them flourish and be successful.

My first experience with the CD Foundation was in 2019 when Tekton was donated as a founding project.
Since then, I joined various special interest groups, co-founded CDEvents, and joined the foundation TOC and the governing board.
Along the way, I met many amazing and talented individuals, made new friends and learned continuously from the people in this great community.

I deeply care about the CD Foundation and its mission to “foster and sustain the ecosystem of open-source, vendor-neutral projects through collaborations and interoperability”, and I would be honoured to have to opportunity to further serve this community as chair of the Technical Oversight committee.

I believe that my personal experiences working on large-scale CI/CD systems, my 10 years of contributing to open source as a maintainer and leader as well as my passion and dedication to the CD Foundation community make me a strong candidate for this position.

Background / Bio

Andrea Frittoli is a Developer Advocate at IBM and an open source enthusiast.
In his career, he has worked in different roles related to software and its lifecycle, from development to operations.
In the last 10 years, he has focused on open source software, where he served various communities in leadership roles.

Andrea contributed to OpenStack for several years; in that community, where he learned about the importance of transparency and collaboration in open source.
For OpenStack, Andrea focused on testing, continuous integration and interoperability. He was the project technical lead of the OpenStack QA project for two terms (1 year) and he also worked closely with the OpenStack interoperability working group.

Andrea is the co-founder of CDEvents and member of the project governing board since 2022. In that role, he organised CDEventsCon and a community summit and lead the implementation of the project’s first release.
For Tekton, Andrea serves on the governing board since 2020. Some of his achievements in that role have been facilitating the transition from bootstrap governance to a formal one, organising a community summit, working with the CDF and Trails of Bits to deliver a security audit for the project, implementing LTS policies and leading the work for the graduation of the project.

At the CDF, Andrea is co-chair of the CDF SIG Events and he contributes to other SIGs as well. He serves on the Technical Oversight Committee and he’s maintainer representative on the Governing Board.

Andrea is a frequent speaker at Open Source conferences and has presented his work at cdCon, KubeCon+CloudNativeCon, FOSSASIA, FOSDEM, FOSS Backstage, OpenStack summits, Open Source Summits and several more.