CDF End User Leadership Forum: Tools & Technology Choices

Jacque Salinas

Join the CDF community to discover more about what industry experts have to say about building your software stack and the tools and platforms you should be using to help you on your journey. 
The panel's prompts are the following: 
  • What does a modern software stack look like?
  • What things should we consider when making tooling and platform choices in 2021?
The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) end user council provides the opportunity for end user organizations to have context-rich discussions on how various organizations pursue their modernization efforts in the most effective way. CDF End-User Council is open to leadership teams from CDF end-user members and invited guests. To join or for more information please visit:

Jacqueline Salinas 
Continuous Delivery Foundation
Director of Ecosystem & Community
408 218 0667