Annual Report - content deadline Dec. 18th

Jacque Salinas

Hi CDF Community, 

Just a friendly reminder that the content deadline for the CDF Annual Report is Dec. 18th. If you have already submitted your content, copy, and data points, please disregard this email

This is a friendly reminder to submit your content to the Annual Report Working Deck by end of the week. If you are uncertain who owns what section take a look at the Workback Calendar, this details out each section, owner, and deadlines. 

If you need an example of the 2019 Annual Report

We are looking for highlights & outcomes of the year 2020 from the following communities: 

  • Projects:

    • Jenkins

    • Jenkins X

    • Ortelius

    • Screwdriver

    • Spinnaker 

    • Tekton

  • SIGs: 

    • Interoperability 

    • MLOps

    • End User

    • Events in CICD Workstream 

  • TOC

  • Outreach 

  • Google Summer of Code

  • Google Season of Docs

  • Did I miss your group? Let me know! 

Thank you,