Mentor Application GSoC 2021

Ashish Kshirsagar <ashishkshirsagar10@...>

Hi Team,

My journey with the Open Source community started with the Google Summer of Code program when I was selected from amongst thousands of candidates to contribute to the project at the CERN-HSF organization titled, 'Generative Adversarial Network for Particle Physics Application'. This experience further motivated me to make a noteworthy contribution to the open-source community. Moving along the same lines, I further participated as a Mentor at Tensorflow Organization during the Google Code-In program, where I assisted and guided middle school and high school students across the globe to implement machine learning models such as CNN, AutoEncoders, Regressors, and Classifiers using Tensorflow library. 

In addition to that, during my journey at Barclays, I received an opportunity to become a Mentor at the 8-month long Reverse Mentoring Program at Barclays. Here, I helped senior developers learn machine learning concepts and the latest technologies such as Python, various machine learning libraries, etc. I have always considered helping others a very gratifying experience and would like to move on the same line further in my career. And it would be my honor to receive an opportunity to contribute to CDF as a Mentor.

I am flexible to mentor any project idea by studying the codebase of the project whose tech stack is relevant to me. In addition, I have a POC initiated by me that I would be fortunate to mentor if you are willing to accept that as a project idea. Please find the link to the same -

Attaching my resume for further reference.

Thank you!

With regards,
Ashish Kshirsagar