[Podcast promotion] The Pipeline: All things CI/CD & DevOps hosted by the CDF (launching 1st episode)

Jacque Salinas

Hello all, 

I am so excited to announce the first episode of The Pipeline: All things CI/CD & DevOps Podcast is officially launching on April 27, 2020! 

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share via your social channels. I have included a link to our tweet and LinkedIn post for you to like, share, or comment. I've also attached a promotional soundbite if you feel like putting your own spin on the tagline. 

​Episode 1:  Configuration Management - Needed Now More Than Ever 

Episode Summary:

Tracy Ragan serves as the CDF Board Member Representative and is the CEO of DeployHub, the first microservice management platform.  In this episode we will explore the new world of microservice development and discuss why configuration management is more critical today than it has ever been. With the diminishing role of the compile/link process in a microservice architecture, the process of configuration management has shifted to run-time where services are loosely coupled. Tracy will explain how this shift impacts everything from managing change requests to updates of microservices to your cluster.

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