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The Continuous Delivery Foundation is a neutral home for the next generation of CI/CD innovation. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including industry leaders and DevOps practitioners with an open model, training, industry guidelines, and a focus on portability and interoperability. * If you are interested in Membership, please visit * If you are interested in participating in our technical community, please visit * If you are interested in joining our technical community mailing list, please visit * If you are interested in Continuous Delivery Foundation projects, please visit
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  • cdf-toc / cdf-toc
    Hello, Welcome to the CDF TOC mailing list. The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) consists of eleven elected members of the technical contributor community. The responsibilities of the TOC are to steer the technical direction for the Continuous Delivery Foundation. A full set of TOC responsibilities are defined in the CDF Charter ( ) , but include: * Creating working groups to focus on cross-project technical issues or opportunities * Approving project proposals in accordance with the project lifecycle ( ) * The TOC election is held every August. The TOC has a meeting on every other Tuesday: join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Check the calendar ( ) for timezone information. Please join the mailing list ( ) and our blog ( ) to stay up-to-date. You can join in the discussion on Slack with us to collaborate ( ). Regards, Continuous Delivery Foundation
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  • sig-interoperability / SIG Interoperability
    ************************ CDF Interoperability SIG ************************ ----------- Quick Links ----------- * Meeting Information ( ) * Members ( ) * New Members ( ) * Communication ( ) -------- Overview -------- ref: The emergence of new open technologies and methodologies such as cloud native and microservices has resulted in tremendous advances in various industries and enabled the rapid development and delivery of new features and services to the end-users faster than before. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are prerequisites and enablers for organizations to use these technologies and achieve true agility in response to these changes. The organizations that embrace CI/CD employ various tools and technologies depending on their needs and where they are in their CI/CD transformation. Organizations often employ more than one tool in various stages of their CI/CD pipelines due to different capabilities provided by the tools. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits the users get by using open technologies for their CI/CD needs. However, one of the challenges users face is the lack of interoperability across the CI/CD tools and technologies, resulting in various issues while constructing and running pipelines such as passing metadata and artifacts between the tools or achieving traceability from commit to deployment. Often users end up building "own glue code" to address what is a common problem, further complicating moving from one tool to another and adopting new technologies and methodologies. These "glue code solutions" are generally specific to users needs and the tools rather than being loosely coupled and agnostic to tooling and technology. Additionally these solutions are not visible to other users and the communities, making them vulnerable to the risks of outage in their CI/CD pipelines due to the potential changes (ie non-backward changes to the APIs, changes in data models) that happens to the tools in respective projects. The interoperability SIG will focus on addressing these challenges and further work with projects to achieve a common set of solutions. CDF Interoperability SIG aims to enable a dialog in the interoperability area by bringing CI/CD users together with the open source projects in order to * clarify what interoperability means for the CI/CD ecosystem * promote the need to collaborate on interoperability challenges in a neutral forum * highlight and promote the needs of the users who face challenges constructing complex end-to-end CI/CD flows and pipelines by employing different tools and technologies * explore synergies between, and enable collaboration across, the CI/CD projects with regards to interoperability * pursue solutions which are; loosely coupled, scalable, flexible, and tool and technology agnostic * reduce the need for users to implement in-house solutions by promoting native interoperability between tools * attract and assist projects that work on interoperability ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ( ) Members ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Andy Glover ( @aglover ( ) ), Netflix * Christie Wilson ( @bobcatfish ( ) ), Google * Eric Sorenson ( @ahpook ( ) ), Puppet * Fatih Degirmenci ( @fdegir ( ) ), Ericsson Software Technology * FuQiao ( @fuqiao123 ( ) ), China Mobile * Kara de la Marck ( @MarckK ( ) ), Cloudbees * Priyanka Sharma ( @pritianka ( ) ), Gitlab * Thanh Ha ( @zxiiro ( ) ), Lumina Networks * Tracy Miranda ( @tracymiranda ( ) ), Cloudbees * Wavell Watson ( @wavell ( ) ), Vulk Coop ----------- New Members ----------- Membership to SIG Interoperability is open to public and self-declared. New members are advised to: * Join the SIG ( ) and CDF TOC ( ) maillists. * Join the #sig-interoperability channel on CDF Slack ( ) and introduce yourself. * Go through the ( ) document. * Regularly join the SIG meetings ( ). * Submit a PR to add yourself to the members list ( ). * Here are various ways to get involved: * Share your thoughts by joining the meetings or by posting to maillist and Slack channel. * Add a topic you would like to discuss to the agenda ( ) of upcoming meeting. * Create a new issue ( ) to start gathering feedback and collaborating. * Choose an issue where help is needed ( ) and comment on it expressing interest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ( ) Governance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SIG Interoperability is a CDF Special Interest Group ( ). * Charter - TBD * Roles - TBD * Process - TBD Charter, roles, and process of the SIG will be documented and made available once the SIG is operational. Chairs and the TOC Sponsor of the SIG are * Fatih Degirmenci ( @fdegir ( ) ), Ericsson Software Technology - Chair * TBD - Co-chair * Dan Lorenc ( @dlorenc ( ) ), Google - TOC Sponsor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ( ) Communication ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SIG Interoperability communication happens via a public mailing list and everyone is welcome to join our open discussions. SIG Interoperability also uses Slack for additional collaboration opportunities. * Maillist: * Slack Channel: #sig-interoperability on CDF Slack ( ) -------- Meetings -------- SIG Interoperability meets every even week on Thursdays at 15:00UTC. ( See your timezone here ( ) ). * Meeting agenda and minutes: docs/ ( ) * Zoom Bridge: * Zoom International dial-in numbers: * CDF Public Calendar: here ( )
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  • sig-mlops / SIG MLOps
    ************* CDF MLOps SIG ************* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Overview --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The MLOps SIG creates designs, specifications, shared code and processes to enable MLOps and Data and ML Pipeline capabilities on top of CD Projects, e.g. Tekton. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Agenda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Define requirements for MLOps for Tekton * Investigate potential existing dominant technologies in ML Pipeliens space, and their integration with Tekton e.g. Kubeflow Pipelines * Plan for quarterly face-to-face meetings The SIG will deliver designs, specifications, shared code and processes that meet the following goals: * Enable actions performed while writing code, compiling, testing, and distributing software to be manifested and verifiable. * Enable integration between MLOps Pipelines and Tekton e.g. Kubeflow Pipelines working with Tekton as a backend * Enable support structure for this code to be maintained, tested on a rigorous level * Define architecture and guidelines around Lineage tracking, Metadata collection, Experiment tracking, Date versioning, ETL operations etc. which a typical Data and ML Pipeline shall support ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Members ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Animesh Singh (IBM) - Chair * Pavel Dournov (Google) - Co-chair * Michael Neale (CloudBees) - Co-chair * Hamel Husain (Github) - Co-chair * Jeremey Lewi (Google) - Kubeflow Lead * Andrea Fritolli (IBM) - Tekton Committer * Peng Li (IBM) - Tekton Committer * Pete MacKinnon (Red Hat) - Kubeflow contributor * Václav Pavlín (Red Hat) - Open Data Hub Lead * Terry Cox (Bootstrap) - MLOps Roadmap Lead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Communication ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MLOps SIG communication happens via a public mailing list: You can join in the discussion on Slack with us to collaborate ( ). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Meetings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The MLOps SIG meets every other week at 9:30 AM Pacific, on Thursdays Meeting agendas, minutes, and documentation are here: Download this invitation to add the meeting to your calendar: ( )
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  • sig-security / SIG Security
    **************** CDF Security SIG **************** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) 1. Overview ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Security SIG creates designs, specifications, shared code and processes to enable security across the software supply chain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) 2. CDF TOC Sponsor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Willing to regularly monitor the SIG and ensure it remains useful and productive * Dan Lorenc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) 3. A proposed meeting schedule, with a sample agenda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bi-weekly meetings. Sample agenda: * Review proposed modifications to SIG charter or working groups * Summary presentations/discussions from existing working groups * Plan for quarterly face-to-face meetings You can join in the discussion on Slack with us to collaborate ( ). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) 4. Details on any outcomes, or deliverables -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SIG will deliver designs, specifications, shared code and processes that meet the following goals: * Enable actions performed while writing code, compiling, testing, and distributing software to be manifest and verifiable. * Enable consumers of software to specify and implement policy over consumed software. * Enable administrators to inventory and audit software used within their organizations. * Enable detection and prevention of software tampering at runtime. * Provide mechanisms for breaches in the integrity of software to be communicated and remediated. * Provide mechanisms for consumers to recover from compromised or untrusted software. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) 5. A list of initial members, and a chair. There should be at least 3 different companies represented --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initial members: * Microsoft - Kay Williams, Open Source Strategy and Partnerships, Azure Office of the CTO ( ) * Google - Brian Russell, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform ( ) * CloudBees - Fred Blaise, Director, Product Security ( ) Chair: Kay Williams ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ( ) 6. Any resources needed from the CDF to accomplish the task. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This can include funding, marketing, technical expertise or other resources. Note that some types of resources may require allocation from the Governing Board. * Initial resources include support with meetings, mailing lists, and location for sharing SIG activities, documents and results.
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  • sig-security-supply-chain / SIG Security Supply Chain
    ************************************ SIG - Software Supply Chain Security ************************************ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Objective --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Software Supply Chain Security Working Group provides a neutral home for discussion, design, and adoption of an industry framework ( ) for software supply chain security. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Mission ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants across the software supply chain (developers, packagers, application and service providers, and end customers) can produce and consume trustworthy software. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Communications ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone is welcome to participate in activities related to the working group mission. We encourage members to share progress updates or post questions in these channels: * Email list ( ) * Mail Address: * CDF Slack ( ) #sig-security-supply-chain channel Join the CDF Slack ( ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( ) Related groups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Software Bill of Materials Working Group ( )
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