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Dear all,


As we discussed at today's public TOC meeting, the Technical Oversight Committee decided to start a public voting for the project's incubation in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Please share your feedback, or cast your binding and non-binding votes by October 17th, 23:59 UTC. You can vote and share feedback by responding to this thread or by reviewing this pull request.



Please note that some documentation updates are still pending. Also, one of the components in the scope (Tekton Operator) has not reached the OpenSSF badge and now stands at 94%. At the meeting on Oct 04 the TOC agreed that there are no blockers that would prevent Tekton from graduating, especially taking huge adoption and successful external security audits. Based on that, we start voting and open the public feedback. To graduate, the project needs to reach the supermajority of votes (6 binding +1 votes), and to have no blocking feedback/discussions until the end of the vote.


Please cast your votes!


Best regards,

Oleg Nenashev





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