Reference Arch. - CDEvents Vocab. and Landscape

Tracy Ragan

Hello distinguished TOC members,

I spent some time thinking through our reference architecture proposal combined with the work we have already started on other efforts. It seems to me that we should have a discussion on combining some resources.

My thoughts:

The reference architecture should not 'recommend' or 'identify' particular tools. But it could point to a 'vocabulary,' and that 'vocabulary' should align to the Landscape as well as CDEvents.

The CDEvents team has started working on the vocabulary for Events. It seems we could use this as the jumping-off point for all three products (reference, landscape, CDEvents).  

My thought is that we bring these groups together in a 'Working Group' that can build upon the vocabulary work the CDEvents team has already started. It still needs to be expanded and refined, but the basic constructs are there. The Landscape could then be updated based on these vocabulary 'buckets.' The Reference Architecture would refer to these 'buckets.'  

Most important is we would be forced to finally solidify how we talk about CD overall and build upon all three in a unified way. 

I have an all-day commitment tomorrow and cannot attend the meeting. Hoping we can think about defining a TOC Vocabulary Working Group on this very important task.  

Kind Regards,

Tracy Ragan
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