Re: VOTE: Accepting project Pyrsia as a CDF incubating project

Sudhindra Rao <sudhindra.r.rao@...>

Hi Justin, 
I think there was a similar question on the slack channel. I will respond in the same way 

As related to Pyrsia .. No there are no crypto-coins involved. Pyrsia does not intend to incentivize participation using any cryptocurrency.
We are only working with organizations that would become part of the governing board of Pyrsia to bring up trusted nodes. The trust mechanisms will be deliberately available only to these orgs. Additionally the membership also gives the org the ability to crosscheck other orgs and their security etiquette for Pyrsia.
Thus the Pyrsia governing board maintains a high bar of how the trusted nodes work together.
For regular nodes - they are pretty much open to anyone who would like to download and install pyrsia node on their machine. Since these nodes do not have the ability to commit to the network(meaning add new binaries/packages to it) and thus do not have the ability to commit to the transparency log, it is deemed safe. These nodes will still enhance the experience using decentralized P2P exchange of info/binaries and also leverage the network for better throughput by streaming from multiple nodes.

Please let me know if that was good explanation and I can elaborate more.


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