Re: VOTE: Membership request from the CD Events project

Fatih Degirmenci

+1 binding.

I'm very happy to see cdEvents reach this point and I want to thank everyone who put effort into this.


On Fri, 26 Nov 2021 at 15:32, Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenashev@...> wrote:
Dear all,

At yesterday's CDF Technical Oversight Committee meeting we decided to initiate voting for official status of the CD Events specification as an incubating project within the CDF. Andrea Frittoli and Steven Taylor presented CD Events to the TOC, and they also act as TOC sponsors. I am also happy to support this project. Here are the links to the key information:
During the conversation at the CDF TOC meeting, there were several key questions asked:
  • What is the roadmap for CD Events? The Project Lifecycle requirements don't require an incubating project to have an explicit roadmap. It is required only for the graduated project. At the meeting we agreed that it's important for candidate number projects or to have a clear roadmap, and it will be added to the requirement checklist for future projects
  • Will acceptance to the CDF mean the CDEvents specification is finalized (a.k.a 1.0 not)? No, it is quite the opposite. Joining the CDF allows to get more feedback and participation from users and potential adopters. There will be no immediate release of 1.0 specification, and it will be explicitly clarified on the roadmap
  • How the relations between SIG Events and CD Events will evolve further? The project will start from the governing body being represented by the CDF Events SIG. Then a new governance model will be introduced based on the CDF recommendations and the community around the new project
On behalf of the technical oversight committee, I would like to thank all participants of the Events SIG that worked on this specification and the reference implementations. I would also like to thank all projects, contributors and companies who declared their intent to adopt the specification before 1.0. I am happy to cast my binding +1 vote for this proposal.

Best regards, Oleg Nenashev

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