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Tara Hernandez

Damn, had forgotten all about those (so, yay for me adding it to the notes against that eventuality)


I don't have a list of repos per se,  this was more around a general policy question that arose out of another discussion -- do we have any kind of consistent policy or recommended best practice for our projects with regards to CLAs and should the CDF be handling that on behalf of the projects.  Put another way, is there a reason NOT to just do it everywhere?  

The second item also came up during that discussion because we realized the CDF repos were pretty locked down and nobody seemed to have admin access other than Dan (and now Brian), so getting some teams and roles in there would be lovely.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 6:07 AM Dan Lorenc <dlorenc@...> wrote:
Tara had a couple TOC agenda items for today:
  • [tara] Need a CLA or similar for ambassadors/contributors to clarify contributions from individuals vs. corps 
Tara, could you clarify which repos you'd like to get the CLA setup on? We should be able to use EasyCLA for this.
I agree here. +Brian Warner - do you have the admin permissions on Would you mind adding me so I can setup teams/permissions?

Dan Lorenc

Tara Hernandez
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