[Fundraising update: $41K to go] Contribute to CD Summit EU!

Jacque Salinas

Dear CDF Friends - 

Fundraising update! Our most recent contribution is helping make community events like the Mind Share Cocktail Hour happen. Thank you to our most recent sponsor, Snyk, for joining the bandwagon and helping the CD Foundation make industry events happen! Sponsorships allow our budgets to go further and offer our community more than just the basics to an event. Sponsorships help make our events fun and engaging. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor email me directly: jsalinas@...

We still have some way to go before we can hit our goal of selling out of all our sponsorship prospectus. Here are the numbers of where we stand with CD Summit EU:
  • Total sponsorship funds raised: $33K
  • To date registrations sold: $14.4K (72 people registered)
  • Total sponsorship need: $41K

We are 4 weeks away from arriving in Amsterdam and your contributions are a big help. If you would like to review the event website for agenda, registration, and sponsorship opportunities go here: 
Here is how you can help! All these options offer great & easy ways to generate brand awareness for your company, review the prospectus attached for more details:  
  • Be a Diamond Sponsor for $18K (1 available)
  • Be a Platinum Sponsor for $10K  (1 available)
  • Be a Diversity & Inclusion Sponsor for $1500 (1 available)
  • Be a Mind Share Cocktail Hour Sponsor for $1500 (2 available)
  • Be a Lunch Sponsor for $2500 (2 available)
  • Be a Session Recording Sponsor for $3000 

Thank you to all our Sponsors! 



Jacqueline Salinas 
Continuous Delivery Foundation
Director of Ecosystem & Community
408 218 0667

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