[sig-interoperability] Minutes of Meeting January 23, 2020

Fatih Degirmenci

Hi all,

Thank you all for joining the very first SIG Interoperability meeting yesterday.

I did my best to capture the main points of the discussions we had in the minutes and the minutes are available on Google docs and Github repository. [0][1] The recording of the meeting should be available on CDF Youtube channel coming days. [2]

Please directly edit the document and send a PR to the repository if you identify discrepancies between the minutes on Google docs and in the repo and/or if I missed something to record in the minutes.

Our next meeting will be on February 6, 15:00UTC where we will have a user presentation - Emil B├Ąckmark from Ericsson presenting Eiffel to the SIG - followed by a discussion. Initial meeting agenda is available so please add any topic you would like to discuss there. [3][4]

Please also note that this will be the last mail regarding SIG meeting agenda/minutes sent to multiple maillists. Please make sure to sign up to sig-interoperability maillist in order not to miss announcements, updates, discussions, and meeting information. [5]


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