Re: [sig-interoperability] Meeting Agenda January 23, 15:00UTC

Fatih Degirmenci


Please note that we will use for the meetings as oppose to what I sent earlier.
Bridge information is updated in document on Google docs, in sig-interoperability repository, and on CDF Public Calendar as well.


On Wed, 22 Jan 2020 at 11:38, Fatih Degirmenci <fdegir@...> wrote:
Hi all,

We will have our very first meeting tomorrow Thursday, January 23 at 15:00UTC. [0]
We will use CDF Zoom Bridge for the meeting. [1]

The agenda is available on Google Docs. Please add topics you would like to discuss directly to the document. [2]
If you have issues accessing to the document, you can take a look at the agenda in SIG repository and add topics by submitting a PR. [3]

Including the agenda for tomorrow's meeting below as well.

- Introductions
- Meeting Logistics
    - Meeting day/time
    - Meeting agenda/notes
    - Recording meetings
- SIG Governance & Process
    - Proposal is to have TOC document governance for the SIGs and we adapt it
    - Adapting co-chair setup
    - Members of sig-interoperability team/repo
    - How new-members could sign-up?
- Presentations from users and projects
    - The challenges, the ideas, and the solutions faced/employed by users
    - Existing work going on within interoperability area across projects
- Discussion around our objectives as SIG
- First topic to start brain-storming around
    - What interoperability means in CI/CD domain?



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