SIG Interoperability Meeting Poll and Logistics

Fatih Degirmenci

Hi all,

CDF TOC approved the formation of SIG Interoperability so we can start collaborating on this important area.

First thing is to determine the meeting frequency and date/time so a poll has been created for this.
Please respond to the poll and join us for the discussions. Survey will be closed on Sunday, January 19 and meeting details will be shared on SIG maillist and added to CDF public calendar.

Maillist and Slack have been setup for the SIG as well. Please subscribe to the maillist and join to Slack channel as they will be the main communication channels.

Slack channel: #sig-interoperability on CDF Slack

Finally, a git repository for SIG has also been created on Github. We will use Github issues to log and track the work and you can get notified about the issues as well as PRs/commits if you watch the repository.

Ps. Apologies for cross-posting - the community might not be aware of the existence of the maillist since it has been setup pretty recently.


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