Supporting China based contributors for TOC meetings

Tara Hernandez

Hey folks, attempting to close out my action items from the last meeting.

It continues to look like github is our best bet for the meetings notes.  I'm not finding anything else that's reliably available everywhere that really inspires, and this way it can be centralized to our TOC repo.

The downside to this of course is that we lose the shared editing during the meeting, so another possibility is that we publish the meetings notes to github once the meeting is complete but that we continue to use Docs during the meeting itself so most folks have the ability to amend, comment, etc.   I've tested a pretty straightforward way to do a publish that would support this model and you can see the results here:

I was also looking around at possible non-zoom chat options, and Skype and WeChat seem to be the most legit options (there's another one called Pinngle but all the reviews ultimately seem to be self-sourced by one guy out of the Ukraine so I'm not feeling awesome about it).  Comments on Skype seem to indicate that from China you're redirected to download the Chinese version so it's recommended to VPN your way to a better source, but regardless there can be quality issues.  The consensus for Wechat is that it's not ready for primetime outside of China yet (though inside of course it is King).

I suspect most people already knew all of this, but I guess I'm wondering out loud if we ultimately feel we can realistically support real time voice chat participation in China or similarly censored countries at this time?

Anyway, talk to you Tuesday!


Tara Hernandez
Engineering Manager Google Cloud

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