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On Fri, 06 Sep 2019, Tracy Miranda wrote:

Back at the July 30th [1]CDF TOC meeting I raised the topic of CDF projects
participating in the next round of Outreachy Internships. 

I'm happy to report back that since then we have had some behind the scenes
progress and have the following communities & community co-ordinators signed up
for the next round

• Jenkins X - Kara de la Marck
• Tekton - Tara Hernandez & Christie Wilson
• Jenkins - Tracy Miranda

I've outlined more details in this doc [2]CDF Projects in Outreachy 2019.
Next steps are to identify and list project proposals, mentors and volunteers.
Please let us know if you are interested in helping out either as mentor,
volunteer or promoting it so we can reach lots of potential interns. There is
also an option for companies interested in sponsoring interns. 

Thanks for outlining this Tracy. I strongly recommend every project in the CDF
consider Outreachy. In my opinion, programs like Outreachy are the best usage
of our collective budget and influence in the community, and as Tracy notes in
the document, it's an impactful long-term investment in the greater open source

Also there will be an Outreachy Twitter chat on September 9th, do join in if
you can!

I'll see you all there :)


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